Energy Spine Healing- Geistige Wirbelsäulenaufrichtung

Is a way of aligning the spinal column. The vital energy can flow freely without blockages, harmonizing the complex body, mind and spirit.

Energy spine healing is a spiritual straightening of the spinal column, including scoliotic pelvis correction and leg length equalization.

Alineamiento energético 1

Many people experience the spiritual alignment as an initiation, a new spiritual opening of new possibilities.

Over time a variety of influences such as moods, negative thoughts, etc. accumulate in the human conscious and unconscious mind.

Alineamiento energético 2

The stream of life in the spinal column becomes disturbed and the resulting symptoms are blockages in the control centres and organs, disease, incorrect postures and disharmony.

Alineamiento energético Impaired functioning of the nervous system through the spine can cause various problems in all areas of a person’s life.
The straightening is an elevation of the human consciousness to a plane that makes it possible for spiritual power to restore the natural order.
Healing occurs immediately and can be felt as a liberating relief; the change is also visible on the physical level.


  • Scoliotic pelvis correction
  • Leg length equalization
  • Shoulder blade balancing
  • Spinal column straightening.

The session last 90 minutes.

Energy spine healing training and initiation are possible for people who are already working on the energy level.

Mental healing does not replace doctors; it can however support medical treatments and therapies. The treatment of symptoms belongs in the hands of a doctor.