We are living in an exceptional situation that needs exceptional measures. We see an increasing amount of activation, anxiety, and distress in clients and friends. Prolonged levels of stress, fear and uncertainty contribute to the imbalance of our endocrine system and our autonomic nervous system, which in turn negatively affects our immune function. Isolation and being removed from social activities in times of difficulty also contribute to disturbing our ability to adapt and our resilience and integrity. Developing a feeling of security and connection is extremely important, especially in these times of isolation and general panic.

With the extension of the separation measures, the difficulty of managing and regulating the psycho-physiological and emotional states increases. Our innate nature is social, and therefore, we find ourselves destabilized by the isolation that suppresses our natural impulses to connect with others, affecting our capacity for co-regulation. Social contacts mitigate the negative effects of stress.

The presence of a friend reduces the anxious response to fear, knowing that there is someone you can count on helps to lessen states of anxiety or frustration, even if that person is not physically present. Let’s stay in touch, consciously using technology that allows us to see, hear and interact with our loved ones from a distance. An invitation to do online activities together, to send each other a message saying: “I am” or “I need to hear you”. With the lengthening of separation times, our nervous system runs the risk of entering parasympathetic dominance, and leading us to apathy and immobility, mobilizing energy to connect significantly runs the risk of becoming more difficult over time. We can counteract this trend by activating our social participation ?.

In online sessions, it is moving to see how the system of social participation flourishes, how it gradually builds the space of communication together during the session, how the sense of space and capacity increases, self-awareness and the feeling of being part of Something bigger. Feeling close and showing affection, respect, recognition keeps us healthy.

With love ? Alberto and Greta


Given the exceptional situation of the Coronavirus, we offer INDIVIDUAL SKYPE SESSIONS OF SOMATOEMOTIONAL RELEASE AND THERAPEUTIC COACHING. To make an appointment: 689786519 (whatsapp)