Summer Training Craniosacral. Teachers: Alberto Panizo and Greta Adam

It is a matter of an 8 days Training where you can learn and experiment the Craniosacral Therapie.

Training Craniosacral

When this is the first time you come in contact with this technique, than it is an exelent oportunity to deepen your intuition and be able to work with the body, mind and emotions and develop your capacity for perception and palpation during the sessions

  • This training contains the cientific, anatomic and physiological aspekt of the craniosacral system, as well as the demonstationes of different techniques and the interchange of sessions between the participants.


Training Craniosacral

This training is for professionels and no professionels, as well as for holistic therapists, health professionals and people who want to learn the therapeutic touch.

14 Participants at most

With 1 massage table for 2 people, we want to be sure, that the learning is profound and dynamic and that the atmosphere is relaxt and stress free.
In the end of every training we will give a booklet with all the material you have learnt, and the certificate of participation we give in the end of the last training.