Reiki Course

Greta Adam - Reiki Course
With Reiki you learn how to cannel Reiki energy and how to heal yourself and others .With this healing art you´ll enjoy many benefits as well as mental clarity, physical well being, emotional balance and a calming feeling.It is being usedincreasingly by osteopaths, massage therapists and many others to complement their standard form of practice. Also Reiki can be used to relieve problems assosiated with tensión, post-operativ pain, cronic illness and stress.
The Reiki School teaches the original most powerful Usui Reiki.


Reiki First Degree Course

During the First Degree course you receive four attunements, which greatly increase the energy flow through your system. You also learn how to give yourself and others a Reiki treatment and how to ballance your chacras and others.

Reiki Second Degree Course

During the Second Degree course you receive three further attunements, which greatly increase the energetic flow. You are shown the distant healing process and its many benefits. This level is about emotional and mental healing.

I recommend ,that you leave a gap of at least six month or more between the Second and the Master Practitioner level, ideally working with the energy until you know you are ready to take the next step . Practise at Second Degree level helps to prepare you for Master Practitioner The master level energy has a tendency to bring up repressed issues that still need dealing with so it is helpful to get as much practise as you can before taking Master Practitioner

Reiki Master Teacher Training

This course is for people who wish to teach others to become Reiki Practitioners
Here you receive the powerful master attunement that lifts the system energetically to even greater heights and inner depths. This course introduces the master symbol and shows you how to use it for healing and transformation and meditation . Primarily this level focuses on self-mastery. The master level has a tendency to bring up repressed issues,so it it helpful to get as much practice as you can before taking the Reiki Master Teacher Training.

When you would like to organise a course in your town feel free to call.
In the end of every course I will give you a manual and a certificate.