Emotional Release

This training is for professionals and no professionals, as well as for holistic therapists, health professionals and people who want to learn the therapeutic touch, with 1 massage table for 2 people, we want to be sure, that the learning is profound and dynamic and that the atmosphere is relax and stress free.

Greta Adams - Curso de Liberación Emocional

We store our life experiences in our bodies. Because Craniosacral Therapy techniques are gentle but powerful, the effects go deep without stimulating the body’s defences and can easily unlock the residue of trauma stored in the tissues. This unlocking and facilitated resolution process is called Emotional Release. It is an integral part of Craniosacral Therapy. Emotional Release uses dialoguing and therapeutic imagery along with other verbal, energetic and physical support techniques to initiate change.

  • These techniques promote the discovery and gentle release of the restrictions that contribute to pain and dysfunction.


In the end of every training we will give a booklet with all the material you have learnt, and the certificate of participation.