Does a headache or migraine interfere with your daily life? Do you suffer from stress and anxiety? Is an old whiplash injury still causing problems? Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you have jaw or eye tension? Are you looking for the right path and more peace and balance in your life? Do you suffer from depression?

We offer personal development training courses and therapies to allow you to reconnect to your wisdom and intuition. In our courses and therapies you will learn to be more aware and positive.


Espacio terapéutico y de desarrollo personal



Greta Adams - Sanar

To cure

To obtain physical and psychic improvement through different techniques.

Greta Adams - Concentrar

To concentrate

Trabajar sobre diferentes problemas concretos.

Greta Adams - Desbloquear

To unblock

Aprender a desbloquearnos y ser capaces de afrontar el futuro con optimismo.

Greta Adams - Prevenir

To prepare

Aprender a prevenir y a tratar el estrés negativo.

Greta Adams - Tomar conciencia

To be aware

Ayuda a concienciarnos de nuestros condicionamientos y las causas de nuestros problemas.

Greta Adams - Aprender

To learn

Aprende a conectar con tu fuente de sabiduría e intuición.

Greta Adams - Compartir

To share

Sumar lo que aportamos todos.

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